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Life would be so boring without stories


I am happy that over 30years ago I’ve received the wonderful first name Nina. I'm a native Croatian, born in Germany. My biggest n°1 passions are art, dance, photography & writing. Passion n°2 are languages. After finishing school, I left Germany to live in my homeland Croatia. I successfully graduated from the University of Zadar (Croatia), and I hold a Master Degree (M2) for French and German Language & Literature.

Languages are one of the pillars of humanity & society. More important, languages are a powerful tool you'll need if you want to develop yourself and change your life to the better.


To learn something new you need to understand the words you are confronted with while reading books and following programs. But not only that. Language can give you an initial analysis of yourself:


  • The way how you use a language reflects your inner being

  • Your level of awareness is hidden in the words you're using daily

  • Your self-image is hidden in the words you're saying to yourself

  • The way how you think is based on the words you're reading and sharing with others 


In addition, you're conditioned through the language and the word constructions of your parents and the environment you're living in. These first words that have been planted in your child's mind today are your paradigms or in other words your habits and thought patterns. Paradigms are controlling your life and they're responsible for the good and bad results you get.


Bringing the decision to change your life isn't an easy step, but it’s always a good one.

I was also confronted with different struggles on my own « paradigm shift » journey. To face the change I was going through wasn’t always comfortable or full of bliss as everyone loves to present it. Change can cause a weird feeling of stress. Stress is a life blocker. If you don’t release it...the outcome can be harmful.


As I am doing a lot of creative work, I know that drawing & painting are literally stress killers. The moment you take a brush in your hand you instantly enter another world. The biggest problem I had at the beginning of my self-development journey was a blocked vision. I couldn’t imagine pictures as usual. For an artist, this is a horrible feeling.


The situation changed when I again started to color mandalas. While coloring I felt that calmness filled my mind, and my ability of visualizing was back, and my creativity shifted up to a new level.


After this experience my dream became to help people who are in a similar situation, and I started to write the book “Shift Your Life with Colors”, which is a combination between art and language. Or to be more precise: in my book I am presenting you the combination between the coloring of Mandalas and the positive wording of Affirmations. This book is designed to give you the necessary faith in yourself, so that you can achieve your goals in a stimulating and irresistible play with colors and joy.


I published the book in May 2020. For me this was the end of the story, but not for the book. After publishing it, and without knowing it, my book started to transform itself into the company “Create & Shift with Nina”.

Only 3 month later I started to work on the script for the video course "As a Man Thinketh", which is based on the same named book written by James Allen. As this book is one of the basic pillars of the complete self-development movement, I also gave it a special recognition and I have illustrated it. 


The third book I am now developing a course for, is "Your invisible Power" written by Genevieve Behrend. Different than James Allen's book, who is dealing with the power of thoughts, Genevieve Behrend is going deep into the importance of visualization. To imagine a new life is the first step towards a new and better future.

Every time I work on one of my programs or books a new idea falls into my mind how I can share my knowledge to help you to get a more fulfilled life. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be much. Sometimes just a simple coming together during an online writing event can already help you to free yourself and see things clearer. My business teacher Theresa Bassett used to say, “Clarity is king” and this CLARITY is one of the side goals you’ll get when you start to work on yourself. But moreover, when you love and respect yourself, as your God-given talents of creation and positive wording.


Love & peace


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