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God should be first and above all

I know that believing in God and the Holy Spirit is your personal decision and no one can force you to do so. However, I would like to share with you the advice to put God first and above all before you start to do something, even when it comes to reading this or any other self-development book.

The reason for this advice is, that you will be stronger on the way of change if you work with the Holy Spirit and the goals you want to achieve will be filled with God's unconditional love.

God is the one who created the Universe and all the laws of nature, including the law of attraction. He knows the best how they are working, and he knows the best way how you should receive something. It won’t be always easy, but his love will always be the best you can get, no matter how it will show up in your life.

In case you don’t feel any relationship with God, please note that you still can achieve all that you want. The laws of nature are always working. Always and for every person. If you send out something good, good will come back to you. Having a kind and peaceful heart with good intentions will open all doors and give you the right energy to go for your dreams.

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