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"Shift your life with colors"- a creative way to joyfully achieve your goals & happy future

With my book «Shift your life colors» I want to give you a new perspective about creativity, affirmations, your thoughts and life.

You'll discover a unique soul-healing combination between the ancient art of mandala coloring and positive affirmations.

While coloring Affirmation Mandalas and doing handicraft work, you will

  • (re)activate your creativity

  • sharpen your focus and concentration

  • reduce stress

  • give you the right motivation to achieve your goals

  • bring back order in your visualization

  • heal your inner child

  • unblock you from all negativities


This simple technique gives you faith in your creativity and in yourself.

You'll find in this book a faithful partner on your self-development journey and a blissful tool for achieving your dream goals.


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