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"Your Invisible Power"- Visualization is the beginning of all

Geneviève Behrend was the only pupil of Thomas Troward, who is the Master of mental science. She wrote about her significant experience in the book “Your Invisible power”.

Her book is indispensable if you want to improve your visualization. It’s for everyone who will start or already is on the path of self-development.

Geneviève Behrend gives us a full understanding of the meaning “get into the spirit” of something. You will find on every page how to correctly use of the law of attraction.

She also gives a huge importance to faith, holding your thought picture in your mind and the power of words.

As visualization and positive wording are part of the book “Shift your life with Colors” I have enriched her book with flower photos to share with you Geneviève's knowledge and wisdom.

You can find a printable PDF of "Your Invisible Power" in the Program START FOR FREE.


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